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#711 King Lear 130... Default 3mo ago [email protected] 132 136
#710 One Small Step for Namada, O... Pgf steward 3mo ago [email protected] 94 98
#709 Ukurenov is will be a best s... Pgf steward 3mo ago [email protected] 94 98
#708 My Canary Bird... Default 3mo ago [email protected] 92 94
#707 Free Lambos for everyone... Pgf funding ago [email protected] 92 94
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Proposal 5: Enhance Community Engagement Platform Abstract: This proposal aims to enhance the existing community engagement platform by adding new features and improving user experience. Details: The proposal includes adding support for threaded discussions, implementing user profiles with customizable avatars, improving search functionality, and optimizing performance. These enhancements will make the platform more user-friendly and increase engagement. Motivation: The current platform lacks certain functionalities that are essential for effective community interaction. By enhancing the platform, we can better serve the needs of our community members and foster greater collaboration.
68.78% YAY 46.45% NAY 5.45% of Vote Power Authors: Hkey Labs Voting Start Epoch: 2 Voting End Epoch: 4 Grace Epoch: 6 Discussions to: Created: 2024-02-08T10:00:00Z Proposal Type: Default
by tnam1qqnarl4h6dsy4jchy0tcxakh286ec03weyfnks6e
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